Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Was that the sun?

Wow. Its not even full blown spring yet...and I'm getting busier by the day. I'm certainly NOT complaining though! Bring it on! The more of you on bikes the better! And lets start 'em young! I've always though bikes were great, and really enjoyed seeing kids out laughing and riding down the sidewalks. Pure and simple joy right there folks. I think I've found nirvana for the kids(and my sense of joy too). These little Strider bikes blow me away.

I don't want this to sound like an ad. It really isn't meant to pull people in to buy more of these(I won't turn you away though!). I really am just blown away by this little thing. Sidra was having trouble balancing on here pedal bike last fall. I kept tinkering with the training wheels to find that 'sweet' spot for her, but she just kept leaning on the wheels. Two days on her Strider had her cured of the balance issue. Two weeks in and I have a hard time keeping up with her on a walk! This is absolutely fantastic! Seeing her rip around the store, giggling like the little school girl she is, is awesome. With Sidra on her bike, moms and dads see how easy it is for her and how much fun she's having - it seems that they can't help but not buy one. I LOVE it!

Been busy with repairs too. Mostly run of the mill stuff. A few comfort upgrades. Some basic tune ups. Parts here. Tires there. Folks are truly apreciative to have the service in town. And I'm sure glad to provide it. The first bike to really blow me away came in a few days back though. A vintage Raliegh Sprite with a Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub. Don't see many of those around! Its just a flat out cool looking old bike. And the owner asked if it was worth the effort to tune! Oh my, yes!

The patina is great. Kinda rat rod-ish.

Escape indeed. Thats what bikes are for!

Welp off I go. Closing at 3, and I'm off for a ride. It's 50°! Yaay!

Listening to: The on/off chains of an off balance fan clicking on the light.


Anonymous said...

strider cost?

Guitar Ted said...

That Sturmey Archer 5spd is kinda rare 'round these parts. I haven't come across one yet.

Those Striders are pretty cool.

Head Honcho said...

Striders are $80.

GT - I've never seen one untill now either. The customer asked if it were worth fixing up. Of course I said yes - but maaaybe I shoulda said no and gotten a really cool hub...naah. I think she'll lots of joy out of this bike yet.

Tman said...

Very cool Marty! Glad you like the Striders.........weird thing, my Mac kept shutting down from your blog last night?

Head Honcho said...

hmm. shut down? I'm Mac incompatible?

Tman said...

Maw, must be something weird on my mac..........

Diggin the 5 speed though~

Arleigh said...

Patina.. yum