Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're here!

Ok, teasing. There's only ONE here, but its the first of a whole slew of 'em! I'm VERY excited to announce that The Prairie Peddler will be the exclusive seller of Singular frame kits in the US and Canadian market! Who, you say? Singular Cycles is a small UK based frame company that produces wonderful steel [4130 cromo, FTW!] bicycle frames with a timeless look, high versatility and quality materials. Great bikes for riding racing or simply bumbling about, no matter how you set them up.

From singular

We will be selling and shipping Swifts, Gryphons, Peregrines, and Hummingbirds out of the shop here in beautiful Prairie du Chien, WI. They all come ready to set up as a geared bike, a singlespeed, or any combination there-of that you can think of. How is this? Each of the frames has an eccentric bottom bracket. And that eccentric is no ordinary eccentric!

From singular

Yeah! A Phil Wood eccentric is included in the price of the frame, ALL of the frames!

From singular

A nice headbadge is there.

From singular

And generous room for big meats. The model I've received first, and the first ones that will be arriving, is the Swift. The Swift is the 29"er mainstay of the line. The one that started it all for Singular. This first order should be arriving in mid to late May.

Of course they can be ordered as a frame/fork kit only, and I'm working on being able to sell the bikes as complete's as well, if that's the direction you'd like to go. Shimano, SRAM or SS of course. As stated above, there is a rigid fork included in the purchase of the bike, but if you would like a suspension fork, I can accomodate that too.

Final pricing on frame kits is yet to determined, but you'll be surprised at how affordable these are going to be! Availablility should be in late May. Availability will be limited! I am only bringing in 100 total frames this year!

If you have any questions, and I'm sure you will, please email me - theprairiepeddler@gmail.com - I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

To see many more Singular's, head on over to Flickr to see lots of 'em.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday Am ride

Saturday Am ride
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One more to add to the mix. Taken with the HERO 5wide. Yep. It takes still too!

A chilly start to the 'training'.

We've(Eric, Ryan and I) finally begun to really 'train' for the Ragnarok 105 coming up in April. Saturday's ride was a bit chilly, as most days in February tend to be, but with the sun being higher in the sky, it sure did feel good as we rode through the more protected spots of the quickie we did before the shop opened.

Saturday am ride

It was probably kind of funny to see us riding down the slippery, snow covered roads. There was me on the skinny tired commuter. Eric on his 2.3" mtb tires, and Ryan on his monster truck of a Pugsley. Ryan can't sneak up to ANYONE on that bike. Its got a hum to it that can be heard for miles around.

Saturday Am ride

Sunday, we went to Eric's house for a ride based out of Boscobel. Stats: 27 miles, 2950' of climbing, maxed grade, 20%. Probably a good 50/50 split of gravel to tarmac. Definitely a good ride.

From riding 09

Green+lower elevations, orange = high spots. The ridge ride on the left of the picture was AMAZING. The views went for miles on either side of the ridge. The riding here sure is pretty.

I've just begun to catch up with the Tour of California. They just had a string of outstanding riding days there. Not for the race though. Weather has turned to absolute shite. Rain and cold. Could the ToC turn into one of those typical spring classic's that take a true hard man to win it? Here's to hoping! It'll be good to have a legendary race like that on US soil.

I was reading through VeloNews, getting race updates and ran into this video. His Lance-ness is asked a question by Paul Kimmage. It is clear that neither is a fan of the other. Lance flat out pwned Mr. Kimmage on this exchange. Go Lance. Git 'em!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding season has begun!

And oh, does it feel good! Saturday morning we headed out for what is likely the last snow ride of the year. Three Pugsley's, some slightly icy trails, a few bails and back in time to open the store.

Of course this is steeper than it looks. And a whole ton slipperier. It was really, really good to be out, watching the sun rise over the hills. One of those mornings being out that simply makes you feel alive again.

Then on Sunday, we headed out again. This time on gravel over by Elkader, IA. There is a veritable crapload of beautiful gravel roads over there. It really is a fantastic place to ride. I guess I really should call this a training ride. See, I made a rash decision last fall to participate in the Ragnarok 105 up in Goodhue County, MN. I meant to be riding all winter long, so I wouldn't feel so compelled to crash train like I am. Well. This past winter frankly sucked for riding. Too damned cold. But conditions were usually good, but SO COLD. Oh well, I'll just make the best of it, as will Ryan and Eric.

Eric and the Rawland. Me and the Ti Cruiser.
Gravel to ice to slush to ice to gravel. Thankfully, none of it too slippery.
Going over the Turkey River, contemplating ice break up.
Me and my eleventy million cm tall post on the Ti cruiser. First ride. I liked it.
Eric on his new Rawland.

Many thanks to single speeder/Ryan for posting the shots.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009



That would be the sound of crickets. If crickets could live in weather so far below zero that my thermometer doesn't register it.

But just because there isn't anything here, doesn't mean nothing's happening. There's a BIG bubble on the horizon. If the stars line up, and hope they do, it'll be announced here first!

I've got a few other neat little projects going on. Last weekend was the weekend for Cedar Falls folks to show up. One gentleman brought a nice Roadie up to do a frame swap. Putting him on a Jamis Supernova Cross frame!Both he and I are excited about this one. Two of the other's were brought in by the Pugsley I so strategically place out front. Who can resist the freakbike?! Turns out they're interested in new rides this year too. Who knew I'd be getting customers in from Guitar Ted's turf??? Not that I'm complaining.

I'm also working on a real website that'll be launched on my one year anniversary. Yeah! One year in business! I've made it further than many others, and in a very tumultuous economic time. First I had to make it through a summer with a street all torn up, then winter, and now we have this charming recession. Lets get the stimulus rolling folks. We all need it.

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