Thursday, February 5, 2009



That would be the sound of crickets. If crickets could live in weather so far below zero that my thermometer doesn't register it.

But just because there isn't anything here, doesn't mean nothing's happening. There's a BIG bubble on the horizon. If the stars line up, and hope they do, it'll be announced here first!

I've got a few other neat little projects going on. Last weekend was the weekend for Cedar Falls folks to show up. One gentleman brought a nice Roadie up to do a frame swap. Putting him on a Jamis Supernova Cross frame!Both he and I are excited about this one. Two of the other's were brought in by the Pugsley I so strategically place out front. Who can resist the freakbike?! Turns out they're interested in new rides this year too. Who knew I'd be getting customers in from Guitar Ted's turf??? Not that I'm complaining.

I'm also working on a real website that'll be launched on my one year anniversary. Yeah! One year in business! I've made it further than many others, and in a very tumultuous economic time. First I had to make it through a summer with a street all torn up, then winter, and now we have this charming recession. Lets get the stimulus rolling folks. We all need it.

Drinking: McGregor Coffee Roasters//Sumatra. Black goodness!

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