Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mid January. Cold. Snow.

Here it is, mid January already. The coldest weather of the season has just hit us. This morning it was -20F. Windchills today are supposed to be in the -45F range. Schools been called off. People aren't even going into the coffee shop next door. I'm wearing flannel lined Carharts, and I'm still cold. Gotta love winter in the midwest!

Winter here is usually a time of planning and scheming. There's certainly plenty of that going on this year. To that end, I've got some personal stuff up for sale here. A Surly Pacer road bike, and a Jamis Exile SS.

The Pacer is a 62cm frame, used by me for roughly 600 miles this past summer. Top tube measures 60.5cm, nice and rangy. Parts are Campagnolo Centaur 10spd, with Truvative Roulleur 177.5 compact cranks. Wheels have Velocity Aerohead rims with a Campy Veloce rear hub and Mavic 531 front hub. Shimano XTR seat post, Salsa Ti railed saddle, Salsa 31.8 Bell Lap bars, and a Deda 100 31.8 stem. Head set is a Cane Creek S3. Wieght? oh, not super light, but respectable at about 23lbs.

Price? Shipped for $1100.

The Jamis Exile is the surprise for me this year. I bought it to try it out, not expecting to like it much. Ended up loving it! Its a fabulous riding bike. Especailly for the money! This was bought my me complete stock, but I took all the parts off of it, and put my own on. I'm picky like that. Paul/Salsa Delgado rear wheel, Real/Delgado front wheel. Avid BB7 disc brakes, Paul brake levers. Surly 1x1 bar, Salsa stem, and post. WTB Rocket saddle. Shimano XT octalink 180 cranks, White Industries 17/19 freewheel. King Headset, Surly stainless seat clamp. Tires are Rampage front and a Motoraptor rear. Fork is a newly rebuilt Reba set at 100mm. I'll include the stock rigid fork too. Weight? About 25 lbs.

Price? $1100 shipped.

I'll update with pictures tomorrow!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Pugsley test ridden!

Not too long back, I bought a Pugsley for the store as a demo rig. It happens to fit me. Imagine that happy coincidence! I was finally able to get the bike out and ride it in its elements on the last day of the year. It was chilly. The high was 10, but during ride time, the temp was falling.

I knew this bike was fun, just from riding it around town, but once I got on it on trail, I was blown away with how much traction there actually is with these humongous tires. This is a really fun bike. Not fast mind you, but fun. Can't wait to really start using it!

Pugsley Dos from Marty Larson on Vimeo.

^^first video. Its a bit long - but kinda fun to do. I'll get better at 'em.

From Pugsley

Steeper than it looks of course, and am I ever glad there's a granny on this thing. Can't remember the last time I used such a low gear!

From Pugsley

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