Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Singular? And other news....

Hey there world. I have a question for you. If you come here, there's a pretty dang good chance that you like bicycles. Heck, you probably ride them quite a bit. Some of you may even *gasp!* race your bicycles!

Well this post is aimed directly at the latter. See, Singular likes racing. We like the crowd that hangs at mountain bike races. Y'all are good folk. You talk about bikes enthusiastically, so much so that probably have a blog that talks about them too. Kinda like Charlie here.

To that end, Singular is looking for a few ambassadors. Looking for a few riders that race and are willing to fly the flag proudly. We like riders that are happy to be what they're doing. Results are important, but not #1. We want riders that are respected in the field. Maybe even liked! We are a small, very small company, so we can't offer much, but a discount on the frame, and a jersey should go a long ways.

Do you think you have what it takes? Send an application [creativity counts!] to Sam and I, and we'll get something rolling. Copy us both on the application: theprairiepeddler@gmail.com and sam@singularcycles.com good luck!

In the news department, I am expecting some Gryphons here any day nowAs of this moment, they're in Miwaukee waiting on paperwork to come through. Got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to go over and pick them up soon!

I'm also expecting a few Peregrines to come through in the next week or two as well. If you've got a deposit on either of these, expect to get an email from me soon so we can set up delivery of your new toys!

I've been out doing a little bit of riding lately too. Its hard to get out when the daylight savings hit, so riding is limited to weekend hours now. That or early mornings after I drop the kids off at school. A few weeks back, Ben up at Milltown invited a bunch of friends up/over for a nice gravel tour around his neck of the woods. It ended up being a perfectly glorious autumn day. You can see all the photos here, but here's a snapshot of the day:




On Sunday last, Eric and I went up to an old haunt: the Human Power Trails in La Crosse WI. This is a whole network of very well built, super fun trails. I always enjoy my rides up there. If you're ever close, you owe it to yourself to get a lap or two in.





Anyways. Get out and ride! Next week is the WI CX state finals in Hales Corners. Look for the Singular Kite to show!

Listening to: The Currect. Drinking: Coffee of course!