Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wheels are turning...winter race style...

Prairie Pugsley Parade?
Chilly Coulee Cruise?
Hellish Hills of Ice?
Wookies of Wisco drinking Wiskey?

I'm thinking February sometime. Gomez is working on one in January. JP in Menomonie is also getting one going.


That is all.


Listening to: Morning Edition, Minnesota Public Radio - and coffee ingestion! Mmmmm coffee...

Monday, September 28, 2009

A month. Already? Really?

Geez. I didn't think that I was THAT busy. Guess I was.

BRAVE ride, SidieFest, standard shop business, USGP Cyclocross in Madison. Seems like everything comes to a head in September. And I didn't even do everything I wanted to. Too many other commitments. Oh well.

Singular updates! Gryphons and a few more Swifts will be coming middish October. Peregrines will be coming in mid to late November. I know lots of you out there are chewing your nails off waiting for the Peregrines. Stop doing that. Its not good for you! If you want to garuntee your spot in line on either of these bikes, drop me a line, and put a $100 deposit in paypal to theprairiepeddler@gmail.com Be sure to let me know what size you need, and any other pertinent information.

In other news, Sam went to Italy a while back to talk with Nevi, makers of fine Italian Titanium bikes. What they talked about is the much rumored Titanium Swift. It sounds as if an agreement has been made to come up with a production Ti Swift. No pricing has been arrived at yet, but rest assured, it'll be in the $2k range. There won't be a regular production run either. If you would like in on this, be sure to let me and Sam know. More details will be forthcoming. In the mean time, dream over Sam's personal Ti prototype. Nice stuff!

Ok. Off to work. I know many come for photos here besides my random verbage. I've been shooting lots, and will have a photo post soon. For now, a shot from Sundays USGP Cyclocross race in Madison:

Ryan Trebon

Listening to: the wind howl around the house. Sure feels like autumn is here today...