Monday, June 8, 2009

Supercar Friday.

So there I am, good intentions filling me up on Friday morning. I have lots of work to catch up on. Some wheels to build, repairs to finish up and get out the door. A bike or two to build. A new employee to break in(really!). A full day. So I skip the morning road ride, and head to work, only to round the corner and be fronted with roughly $750,000 worth of cars sitting in front of my shop.

In my past, long buried by two wheel transport fandom, is a history littered with combustion. My Dad used to race sports cars at some of the regional race tracks. For 10 years, my summers revolved around changing tires, watch Dad rip around Elkhart Lake, Brainerd, Black Hawk Farms, and various auto cross courses. It was cool for sure, seeing all these fast cars. I remember watching Paul Newman walk right by me up at Brainerd. Saw Indy Cars and IMSA protoypes at Elkhart Lake. Up to about 15 or 16, it was awesome. Then something happened. Instead of girls and cars, I found bikes. Wierd, I know.

But there has always been a lurking motohead in me. Cars can indeed be cool.

And there was LOTS of cool sitting on the street outside the shop on Friday. First thing I see is a Corvette. Average enough. A Pontiac Solstice. Meh. A Ford GT. Another Ford GT. Nice! A Lotus Exige. REALLY nice! A Louts Elise, another Corvette, and right out the door of the shop, a Ferrari 430 droptop.

And the trophy wives to match.

So there went my good intentions of getting to work early. And they all sounded awesome driving away.

Anyways. On to the pics. Of course I took pictures!


GT, Exige, Corvette


So pretty

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good morning! Good morning! Its time to rise and shine!

That there's lyrics from a wake up song that we sing to the girls in the am's. When we sing that song, the day almost always ends up being a really good one. Lately, we've been singing that song alot.

As a result, the mornings have been really, really blessedly wonderful. Warm, sunny, inviting for an hour or so tour on the bike[s].

This is one of the reasons why there's been a dearth of updates here. Just having too much fun on the wheels, and keeping very busy in the shop itself.

Enough with the pleasantry's. That's not what you come here for.

First order of business: Singulars! They are indeed finally on the water after a small paint/sticker delay. Its still hard to call it as to when they'll be here. Best I can figure is a week to a week and a half on the water, then a day or three in customs, then two to three days on a truck, then here. I AM having a few air mailed over, but they're for the folks that have been kind enough to put down deposits. Parts for those who've ordered items are starting to flow in. Wheels will be built this week. Cranks will be fondled. Headsets imaginarily adjusted. Life will be good!

Two: Picsures. I like pictures, YOU like pictures. So lets get on with it!

Wonderfull section of trail:
woods trail.

Day two on trail:
5-20 morning ride

Day three on trail:

OH! and one last thing: I've never been much of a moto-head, but I found something this past week that is sending my heart all a flutter. I can SO easily imagine fully and completely enjoying one of these Mac Cafe Racers on the roads around here. 500cc Buell engine, light weight frame. Flat out gorgeous looks. Gotta get over the $16k price barrier though...and that pesky UK thing too.

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