Rides and Trails

First ride up is one of the classic rides for PdC. Its a short loop, and one that can be knocked out in an hours time.

This ride is another staple for the area. Adding 10 miles to the above route, with some nice scenery to boot.

If you're after more of a challenge, getting into this loop boosts you to 38 miles. You get to go deeper into the coulee country and see more climbs and ridgetop views. This is great, not to miss ride if you're in the area looking for something more challenging.

This loop gets you deeper yet into the coulees. Just shy of 50 miles and lots of climbing, with more ridge top riding.

Want to get down to business? Want to knock out 100k? Here you go! Not too terribly hilly, but with the right wind conditions, it'll knock your socks off.

If its gravel you're after, we have that too. A couple suggested rides; one in Iowa, and one in Grant County.

Starting in the Yellow River State Forest[a site of great mtb rides], and following some of Iowa's most scenic gravel lanes, this ride will leave you hungry for more vitamin G.