Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gryphons and Osprey's on the dock!

Greetings all you Singular fans! I've got good news regarding the much desired Gryphons, and new Osprey's. They're in customs and about to be broken out of jail there. I've got a couple of the Gryphons pre-sold, but there will still be plenty left. I hope! The Osprey road frames will be ready to ship out too.

Since we're pushing items to sell, and its winter, lets see if I can get off load some items I've been hanging on to!

I have a 180mm E13 SS crank set/bb NIB.

A White Industries Dos 17/19 free wheel, NIB.
White Industries DOS 17/19

And XTR M975 Hydro brake kit. The levers and calipers have been used a bit, but the centerlock rotors are new.
XTR M975

A NEW Redline D440 in a 17". Super nice cromo frame and fork that are ready for a disc brake up grade. Solid mid level parts package.
Redline D440

A NEW Torker T300 3 speed city bike. Sturmey Archer 3 speed coaster brake hub, rack and fenders, all part of the purchase price. 19".
Torker T300

A SWEET new Torker KB2 urban ripper. Sturmey Archer 2 speed kick back coaster brake hub. Cromo frame. Surly Open Bars, Race Face stem. 19".
Torker KB2

On the used front, there's a nice Trek 7000 mtb. This would make a great little entry level mtb for bashing about in the woods. 17".
TREK 7000

I've also got a nice Pilot 2.1 I'm selling for a customer. Triple front gearing, 10 speed rear, with a mix of Ultegra and 105 parts. Its got a fresh tune up. Carbon rear stays, and carbon fork. Comfortable century geometry. 56cm.
Trek Pilot 2.1

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hummingbirds and Osprey's!

After a loooong and busy break from posting[yes, I'm still in business folks! Just busy as all get out!], I return with good news! The new Singular Osprey road bikes are very soon to arrive. I have 10 for now, and if they're popular, we'll get more of this great road bike in the next order.

Speaking of next orders, Gryphons and Kites are going to be ordered up here very soon. I've talked to many of you folks about the Gryphon, if you'd like to get in on this order, I'll be taking $300 deposits on them starting now. I'll put that all into a kitty for the day to order them up. Let me know what size you're after. The next batch will, due to popular demand, have rack and fender mounts! Huzzah!

In order to stimulate the next order, I'm also having a clearance sale on the Hummingbirds I have in stock. For the rock bottom price of $480, you can grab one of these sweet, versatile bikes. My wife LOVES hers.

The eight version of the venerable Gnomefest is coming up in a month too! I'll have as many bikes there as I can for demo purposes. Ride and enjoy! We went up to the Squirrel Fest at the Cuyuna Trails in MN earlier this year and sent folks out on riders there. That was a great time! we'll be back up there for sure.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing: Singular Firebird.

Thus far Singular has been known for the most part for producing really nice looking, affordable steel mountain bikes and monstercross bikes. Just last year Sam decided to try his hand at moving a bit up market with the Pegasus titanium mountain bike. Its made by Nevi in Italy. While geometry on it is fixed at standard Singular settings[not bad thing at all mind you], you can customize the frame as you see fit in regards to drivetrain options. These are produced in limited production runs[preorders happening NOW if you'd like in!], and the first was a smashing success.

So what about this FireBird? It belongs to MK, one of Wisconsin's strongest female racers, and long time Singular rider. She predates Singulars being sold here in the shop by a year or so. She had her road bike stolen while at college, and one thing led to another. Sam said he was thinking of a Ti road project, much like the Ti mountain project. Next thing you know, Sam had one at the London Bike show, and we had one here at the shop shortly there after! I must say, this thing is a mighty piece of work.

The taper on the headtube[1.125/1.5] is stunning. I've seen other ideas for tapered headtubes out there, but they're machined, and have that sharpedge machined look to them. Not all that appealing. This is much more fluid, more organic. I'm sure its hydro formed, but I'm only guessing on that. No matter. Its a thing of beauty.

The chainstays also have a very nice taper to them. Larger at the bottom bracket, slimmer at the drop out. No silly shapes, just a gentle ovalization. The dropouts are nice and big, with large hooded surfaces for the stays to attach to.

Just like on the Pegasus, the Singular logo is etched into the downtube in a really, really nice and understated way. Copper in color for the bands and letters, with a matte finish panel. The rest of the frame is brushed for a nice, no nonsense industrial look.

MK's dad said that the frame looks like it means business. No real games to play, just straight forward performance. I'd have to agree. And with a planned Enve fork to match the rest of the SRAM Force build kit, this bike WILL mean all business. And go damned fast.

If this is something you're interested in, and I know I am, Sam would love to be able to set you up. Since Nevi is MUCH closer to him, it makes sense that he takes care of the sales on this one.

Happy weekend!

Listening to: ...Godspeed you Black Emeporer

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The shop! It is Aliiiivvee!

Hello dear reader[s]! I bet you guys thought I forgot about this place! This is not the case. No, not at all. We've been having a cold, hard winter here in the hinterlands, and I've been hunkered down working a side construction job. Just not much time to update here. No more though! y'all have my full and unparalleled attention.

I've been getting a couple projects in to work on as folks begin gearing up for the season. Some involved repairs, and some fun wheels to build. Some touring wheels, a set of White Industries single speed road....good fun stuff.

The Prairie Peddler has always had as a mission a call to arms to introduce culture to Prairie du Chien. We did that with some open jams that eventually led to the formation of a band, and have [and still do] carry and sell some art in the store. Coming up on the the 31st of January, we're going to expand that repetoir a bit and host a show. Clear out the bikes for a moment, and play some nice, loud music. A good friend of the shop, and uber talented singer/rapper/cowpoke Sandman is on tour promoting his movie "Roll Out Cowboy"

He'll be up at the Winona Frozen Film festival this week, and stopping by Decorah on his way through the area. He's got a day off, and will be putting on a show here with us! Also appearing will be Blake Auler Murphy, a talented LaCrosse rhymesayer.

Here's the text from the official invite from FaceBook:
[quote]Wahoo! Winter culture strikes PdC!
Join us for a cozy house show, hosted at the Prairie Peddler.
Kindly share a $10 donation towards the cause--students are 2 for one!

Come see Chris Sand, "The Sandman" as they say, as he gives us a big dose of his prolific cowboy-flavored hip hop of the tip-tops. He's touring the country, spreading his words and sharing his award winning feature length film "Rollout Cowboy", straight out of North Dakota. He is thoughtful, quoting many prophets dead and alive and man, is he funny!
Blake Auler Murphy , a La Crosse rhymesayer opens. Expect other Special Guests.
Light refreshments will be available and BYOB is fine-
We are soooo lucky to have these people share their work with us. You will be so lucky, too. This is memorable stuff.[/quote]

And after three months off the bike, this will be marking the beginning of a new riding season for me. Back on the horse in every way we can be here at the shop! Coming soon, some Singular updates, a couple customer rides I'd love to show off and some more imagery that we all love. Till then, stay warm and lets get the season rolling!