Monday, August 15, 2011

Hummingbirds and Osprey's!

After a loooong and busy break from posting[yes, I'm still in business folks! Just busy as all get out!], I return with good news! The new Singular Osprey road bikes are very soon to arrive. I have 10 for now, and if they're popular, we'll get more of this great road bike in the next order.

Speaking of next orders, Gryphons and Kites are going to be ordered up here very soon. I've talked to many of you folks about the Gryphon, if you'd like to get in on this order, I'll be taking $300 deposits on them starting now. I'll put that all into a kitty for the day to order them up. Let me know what size you're after. The next batch will, due to popular demand, have rack and fender mounts! Huzzah!

In order to stimulate the next order, I'm also having a clearance sale on the Hummingbirds I have in stock. For the rock bottom price of $480, you can grab one of these sweet, versatile bikes. My wife LOVES hers.

The eight version of the venerable Gnomefest is coming up in a month too! I'll have as many bikes there as I can for demo purposes. Ride and enjoy! We went up to the Squirrel Fest at the Cuyuna Trails in MN earlier this year and sent folks out on riders there. That was a great time! we'll be back up there for sure.

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Sam said...

The new Gryphons will have rack mounts but no fender (mudguard) mounts. If you want mudguards then go with a Peregrine!