Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Singular Osprey's and Gryphon's: IN STOCK!

We have both the new Osprey lugged road bike, and the Gryphon's in stock right now! The Osprey is the newest frame in the Singular line up. Its got quite a few really nice features. First, of course is the classic lugged frame, and matching flat crown fork. Interesting thing, in this age of oversize this and stiffer that, the head tube is a 1" unit. Forks are available in either threaded or threadless options. Build up a retro mod bike, or something fully retro. Like all Singulars, builds are aimed at being practical. Tire clearance, to say the least is generous. Set up as a winter bike, this will take full fenders, with 28c tires. Run those durable big tires with out worry! Singular Osprey Take the fenders off, and its easy to get the fantastic Rivendell Jack Brown on the bike. This certainly expands the range of the bike. The Osprey certainly fits into the "everything bike" theory. Road? Of course! Gravel and Dirt? Won't slow you down at all. Even mellow singletrack can be tackled with this bike. Untitled Untitled Price for these frames is a reasonable $700. But since I have more than a few, and I'd LOVE to move them out into your hands and bring in more Singulars, I have an intro price of $580. OR I can include an installed threaded Velo Orange headset or a threadless Ritchey Pro for $640. Your choice. I've also got The coveted, mystically smooth riding Gryphon drop bar 29er in stock too! These make of course great mountain bikes, or some thing that can be used as a gravel crusher. A nice upgrade that the Gryphons have now are rack mounts on the rear. Set your rig up with Salsa's minimalist rack and do some S24O's! Singular Gryphon Price on these is $590. A reminder, I have a couple small, and a couple Large Hummingbirds in stock that I need to move out too! $450 takes those off my hands and gets them into yours! If you're looking for a super quick, agile singletrack slayer, set one of these up with a 650b/29" wheel combo, and drop all your riding buddies! I'd like to move as many of these as I can so I can order up more Swifts, and bring in some Kites as well! If you know someone who's looking for a really nice, distinctive rig, have them give me a call!