Monday, April 26, 2010

Shenanigans, Singlespeeds and Socks!

This past Sunday was the annual Decorah Time Trials. The traditional [for the past 20 years now!] start of the upper Midwest mountain bike racing season. Deke and crew have always thrown the best event in the small college town in the north east corner of Iowa.

Conditions were typical for spring in these parts. Slimy, slickery goodness. It rained for a good part of the previous few days ensuring a nice slime was coating the trails there. The thing about Decorah is that the area handles moisture well. Almost too well. It makes the trails there really fun. I've always had my best races there in the wet.

From Screen Captures

The course this year was just over 10 miles, with plenty of climbing to be had, as is custom for the Decorah Crew. Two Singular riders went over, Eric racing his Hummingbird, and me on the Gryphon{what are you here on a road bike for ?!]. The lap started out fine enough. An immediate sprint into the rad zone in a 400 meter sprint up to the actual trail entrance, and then a good walk after a slip on a root about 10 yards into the trail. Great. So there I am, walking already. Soon enough we were on top of the bluff, and as I'm edging closer to heading into Death Valley, I here the Shenanigan's portion of the weekend whooping it up.

I get down there only to discover my favorite set up of all time in the middle of the woods. The Beer Hand Up Zone*[that which has been deemed uncouth by promoters of racing in places**{Boulder, CO} where they take racing "seriously".] I ride into the BHUZ, then come to a full stop. I had to. No one filled my hand! Shockey came to rescue though with a 40 of the Highlife that I drained half of. Awesome. Refreshed, I quickly went through the second half of the lap, knowing that I'd have another go at a refreshement. And that I did. Polished off O'Gara's remainder, and then Shockey's again as Skip Berndt was in the back ground spouting something about someone on his megaphone. Seriously, how fun is that?


So I went off to finish my lap. Despite the stop's[probably all of a minute for both of them...] I got second in class! I do like those slimey, slickery conditions...

Eric ended up getting second in his age class too. A big hearty pat on his back too. He couldn't really stick around though. The Goats back on the farm were calling for care!


Oh, and also, I just got some Singular socks in! Got a whole bunch, if you're wanting to show some Singular love, throw ten bucks my way, and I'll mail out some quality Sockguy socks your way.

Oh, and one more. I'll be changing over this blog, and the old website to a new place soon! is the new address. Please make note of this and change me in your favorites! I'm still building it all up, so bear with me as I find time to do it. I'll be mirroring here for a bit, and reminding you all the while.


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