Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have had more than a few Singular fans request when a Kite will be available here in the states. Due to the purchase of the Osprey frames, I wasn't able to bring in Kites in any significant numbers. Sam has several in England though, and he'd love to get them over here into the States and ridden! As such, lets get some over here! Fact of the matter is, the same goes for the Swifts. I'm out of the Larges and Mediums, and Sam has several he'd like to get over here. To do that I need your help. Half down on the Kite/Swift will pay for it and the shipping over here. When they get here, we'll get the rest of the frame cost covered and I'll get them shipped right out to you. To start the process, click one of the corresponding Paypal buttons below. In the comment fields be sure to let me know what size you need! Time line for this should be on the sooner side. I want delivery of these to come with in the first few weeks of cyclocross season.
Singular Kite
Singular Swift
Lets get this going!