Monday, June 8, 2009

Supercar Friday.

So there I am, good intentions filling me up on Friday morning. I have lots of work to catch up on. Some wheels to build, repairs to finish up and get out the door. A bike or two to build. A new employee to break in(really!). A full day. So I skip the morning road ride, and head to work, only to round the corner and be fronted with roughly $750,000 worth of cars sitting in front of my shop.

In my past, long buried by two wheel transport fandom, is a history littered with combustion. My Dad used to race sports cars at some of the regional race tracks. For 10 years, my summers revolved around changing tires, watch Dad rip around Elkhart Lake, Brainerd, Black Hawk Farms, and various auto cross courses. It was cool for sure, seeing all these fast cars. I remember watching Paul Newman walk right by me up at Brainerd. Saw Indy Cars and IMSA protoypes at Elkhart Lake. Up to about 15 or 16, it was awesome. Then something happened. Instead of girls and cars, I found bikes. Wierd, I know.

But there has always been a lurking motohead in me. Cars can indeed be cool.

And there was LOTS of cool sitting on the street outside the shop on Friday. First thing I see is a Corvette. Average enough. A Pontiac Solstice. Meh. A Ford GT. Another Ford GT. Nice! A Lotus Exige. REALLY nice! A Louts Elise, another Corvette, and right out the door of the shop, a Ferrari 430 droptop.

And the trophy wives to match.

So there went my good intentions of getting to work early. And they all sounded awesome driving away.

Anyways. On to the pics. Of course I took pictures!


GT, Exige, Corvette


So pretty

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Spinner said...

Wow! What were these guys doing in Prairie?

Dale said...

It looks like they have Illinois plates. They too, must tire of the flat lands. Mike and Jake went to a cyclocross race a few years back, right after Lotus came out with the Elise. A guy showed up with with a Elise and his cross bike from Chicago....... the rack was bolted right to the car. Now that is dedication to cyclocross and arriving in style.

Ben said...

Really bring up the main street class! While I will never own one of those cars, I can dream of driving them. Ironically, I feel owning and riding bicycles can make up for the fact that I enjoy petrol sports so much!

Going fast is fun, and those look like a lot of fun. Thanks for the pics.

Tman said...

Neat cars. Although pre 48 stuff is my bag I appreciate sporty cars. The new Model A I am building should give most of those a good run AND haul my mtb's!

No trophy wife pics? You suck;)

Ben said...

Also waiting for trophy wife pics. Ha!

Marty said...

No pics of the Trophy's. Just imagine attractive 40's to 50's ultra pampered ladies, and there ya go!