Friday, July 10, 2009

And just like that!

They're here!

After a paint delay, and what seemed like eons at customs, the Singular Swift's and Hummingbirds have arrived! Taking orders NOW! Call or email. If'n you need parts, I'll be happy to set you up with what ever cures your lust for shiney bits.

From singular

The first ones are already out the door and built. Reports are filtering back that the ride is just what they've been expecting.

I just got mine back from Dirt Rag. I'm eagerly awaiting seeing this review. The bike came back a bit beat up, but no worse for the wear. Just goes to show that they really do RIDE the bikes they test. Awesome.

Next up, Mountain Flyer? Would love to get one tested there too! Got my feelers out. Hey, gotta get one to Mark over there at The Cyclist Site too.

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Guitar Ted said...

Wow! That's a pile o bikes there! Hopefully it shrinks at a steady rate!

Very cool to see this happening for ya Marty!

frankenbiker said...

What about Peregrines?I would love one of those for my rough stuff/touring bike.Lots of bad roads and rail trails here in Ohio.

Head Honcho said...

Ohhhh, those Peregrine's. Probably the most requested model at this point. Makes sense really. There's nothing like them out there.

They're not going to be in for a while. Autumn at best.

Steve said...

That's a lot of boxes! I've done my part to distribute at least one frame out of it's box and away from the pile in WI...

Thanks again Marty, it looks like Brown will have mine to me Thursday... I've got a stack of parts anxiously waiting to be hung that that beauty of a frame! XTR modified SS crank, Thomson post, Hayes carbon brakes, Bonty Rhythm wheelset... mmm mmm good! It's gonna be a late night Thursday.

I think I may be feeling a bit of sickness coming on Friday... cough, cough ... yeah, I may not make it in to work ... could be a spot of that H1N1... wouldn't want to infect anyone.

I'll post pics on MTBR when it's done.
Colorado Springs