Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer time at the shop = work. Lots of work.

And that is what is primarily keeping me from updating this silly blog.

So whats been up at The Prairie Peddler? Lots. Like the last post said, we got the first shipment of Singulars in, and they're moving out at the nice pace. Which I'm sure will pick up once the DirtRag review hits the news stand. I can't wait to read what David thought of the bike. This is almost worse than waiting for Christmas. Of the bikes that are out there [10 at last count] build pics and ride impressions are coming back. The bikes all look fantastic, and I'm collecting a few images that I can post here and at my flickr account for those 'shopping'. I'll post something here soon on that. I've been getting a few questions on pricing, and the introductory price time period is over. Price for Frame, Fork, Phil EBB and prep is now $590. Still a fantastic deal for what you get, and nicely in between Surly's and Salsa's. There's a gap there in that market that I wanted to fill, and I think these do that quite nicely!

Repairs have been nice and steady, always keeping me on my toes, and even staying late on some days. Tis the life of a bikeshop owner. Feast and famine I tell ya.

I've been getting out for semi regular rides too. Gravel grinders, weekly road rides, weekly trail rides. A smattering of racing. Its all good. Of course, I'd like to be riding more, and as soon as I finish this, I'll head out for a bit of dirt, but I'm just happy to be able to head out on the bike.

From riding 09


From riding 09

Top of a 6 mile climb.

From riding 09

Matt's new Singular, built in Winona at Pat's abode.

From riding 09

High above Winona on the Holzinger Lodge trails. Beautiful flowy fun. Wish I had time for more laps....

From riding 09

backroading it somewhere in Crawford County.

From riding 09

Part of the BRAVE route. This is the second year fo rthe event. This year we cut milage down to 100k for the long route, but took out all of the gravel we had last year. Lest you think that cutting milage will make this easy, there's still LOTS of climbing out there. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000' worth over the 65 miles. Come on out/over/down/up for a great ride on September 19th!

Time for dirt! OUT!

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Tman said...

Bikes look nice Marty! I havent ridden Holzinger in 13? how time flies when you move away. Dont miss the Blackfly bites tho....

Rob said...

Them there look like sum big hills!