Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dirt Rag review is in!

And boy, was it good. Not glowing as in "this is the best bike in the universe" good, but more of a "dang, this bike just flat out handles really well".

I've already seen a small uptick in traffic because of it. Looking forward to more soon!

If you are looking to buy this, or anything else from me, i've got a nice stash of parts laying about. White Industries SS cranks. Thomson stems and seat posts. Avid BB7 brakes and SD7 levers. A complete silver Shimano Alfine system. Origin8 bars. Titec Hbars. Continental Tires. A list of nice stuff for sure. I'll acutally be working on putting together a parts package over the next few days for those who want a complete. I'm getting more requests for that than I thought I would.

Since I've had the Singulars here, I've sold about 12 of them. Two just went out yesterday, and probably another today. I've gotten a few pictures of built up rigs. Figured I'd post 'em here for your pleasure.
From Swifts Customer

From Swifts Customer

From Swifts Customer

From Swifts Customer

The cool thing is that these are all over. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, California, Illinois, and soon to be everywhere.

Its gonna be a good day here. Hope its the same where you are.


Captain Bob said...

Great looking bikes there Marty! Glad it's going well and that people are loving them. Keep up the good work there at the shop.

MMcG said...

Oooh I really like that last one on the bottom - that must be a Medium frame.

MplsMTB said...

Nice! That DR article should result in some great publicity... well deserved!

Loki said...

More posts on Mississippi valley riding! More!

Erich said...

Nice! I just scored a used one off fleabay. I'm very excited to get mine and build it up.

I love that last one. The Silver XTR cranks are awfully purdy. I think I'm going to EZ Off a bunch of my black parts to go silver, even a silver Titec H-Bar.