Monday, February 16, 2009

A chilly start to the 'training'.

We've(Eric, Ryan and I) finally begun to really 'train' for the Ragnarok 105 coming up in April. Saturday's ride was a bit chilly, as most days in February tend to be, but with the sun being higher in the sky, it sure did feel good as we rode through the more protected spots of the quickie we did before the shop opened.

Saturday am ride

It was probably kind of funny to see us riding down the slippery, snow covered roads. There was me on the skinny tired commuter. Eric on his 2.3" mtb tires, and Ryan on his monster truck of a Pugsley. Ryan can't sneak up to ANYONE on that bike. Its got a hum to it that can be heard for miles around.

Saturday Am ride

Sunday, we went to Eric's house for a ride based out of Boscobel. Stats: 27 miles, 2950' of climbing, maxed grade, 20%. Probably a good 50/50 split of gravel to tarmac. Definitely a good ride.

From riding 09

Green+lower elevations, orange = high spots. The ridge ride on the left of the picture was AMAZING. The views went for miles on either side of the ridge. The riding here sure is pretty.

I've just begun to catch up with the Tour of California. They just had a string of outstanding riding days there. Not for the race though. Weather has turned to absolute shite. Rain and cold. Could the ToC turn into one of those typical spring classic's that take a true hard man to win it? Here's to hoping! It'll be good to have a legendary race like that on US soil.

I was reading through VeloNews, getting race updates and ran into this video. His Lance-ness is asked a question by Paul Kimmage. It is clear that neither is a fan of the other. Lance flat out pwned Mr. Kimmage on this exchange. Go Lance. Git 'em!

Listening to: The Current from MPR.

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