Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding season has begun!

And oh, does it feel good! Saturday morning we headed out for what is likely the last snow ride of the year. Three Pugsley's, some slightly icy trails, a few bails and back in time to open the store.

Of course this is steeper than it looks. And a whole ton slipperier. It was really, really good to be out, watching the sun rise over the hills. One of those mornings being out that simply makes you feel alive again.

Then on Sunday, we headed out again. This time on gravel over by Elkader, IA. There is a veritable crapload of beautiful gravel roads over there. It really is a fantastic place to ride. I guess I really should call this a training ride. See, I made a rash decision last fall to participate in the Ragnarok 105 up in Goodhue County, MN. I meant to be riding all winter long, so I wouldn't feel so compelled to crash train like I am. Well. This past winter frankly sucked for riding. Too damned cold. But conditions were usually good, but SO COLD. Oh well, I'll just make the best of it, as will Ryan and Eric.

Eric and the Rawland. Me and the Ti Cruiser.
Gravel to ice to slush to ice to gravel. Thankfully, none of it too slippery.
Going over the Turkey River, contemplating ice break up.
Me and my eleventy million cm tall post on the Ti cruiser. First ride. I liked it.
Eric on his new Rawland.

Many thanks to single speeder/Ryan for posting the shots.

Listening to: Boy with a Coin//Iron + Wine


Joe said...

Good Times!

Head Honcho said...

Yeah. Felt good for sure. Until the end when I was shelled.

Ben said...

Dirty is good!