Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saturday. 7AM. The shop. We RIDE!

Yeah, short notice - but as I was notified by a certain Carl on my previous post, I'm doing a ride Saturday at 7am. May as well start sooner, rather than later. For those who don't read the blog, but did join the email list - I'll send an email today. Gotta get to typing.

Oh, we'll do 20. Pace will most likely be easyish to moderate. I'm sure I'll be keeping it slow.

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Anonymous said...

we RODE! t'was zackly what I came for. really enjoyed the shop talk afterwards, Honcho. this is what a shop should be. more importantly, you are what a shop owner-operator should be. my opinion...YMMV, y'all.

long live the Saturday morning ride. I'll make sure to make it a part of every trip to the west coast.

now that I know what Vineyard looks like, no more hanging around the back on that descent. woot!

Carl - Bouska (and)/or Bust