Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Joy.

It's Friday. Happy Happy Joy Joy! The snow [mostly] missed us! Horray!

Not that its my Friday - but most likely, dear reader, it is yours. I'll still have my beer and celebrate.

I was perusing my blog analytics and found that a certain Matt Chester came through the area not too long back. Wish I knew he was popping through. For those who don't know, Matt makes some finely crafted, uniquely utilitarian titanium frames. I've never really lusted for that magic material before meeting Matt at the Single Speed World Chamionships [SSWC 2K for short] held in Mpls waaay back in 2k. Now if I were to go that route, he would be the maker I'd go after, despite all the issues surrounding the guy now. Anyways, thanks for the well wishes Matt, and right back atcha.

So looking down, you'll see that I've posted a map a recent ride. For those who really don't know me from adam - I'm a map geek. Finding the MapmyRide site was very cool for me. Looks like I'll even be able to map mountain bike rides too. Y'all'll have to allow me to indulge into this. I'm going to have something like this for each ride we do.

Speaking of rides, The season's a changin'. Today was the Spring equinox. We had daylight savings two weeks back. Its time to start the group rides! My thoughts on this are Teusday nights is the womens night [I'll have to let Lisa know that] 5pm at the shop. Wednesday will be a road ride starting at 5pm from the shop, Saturday morning will be a road ride, again starting from the shop, but early. Probably 7am so I can get back here to open by 9am. I see a problem though. There's no mountain biking in there! And thats what I REALLY like to do. I can see Monday's being mountain bike Monday. Of course this is ALL subject to change, so keep checking back.

Listening to: Bootliquor Radio [again...I know] on SOMA FM. It was Groove Salad earlier - so I DO change things up! Really, I do.


Guitar Ted said...

Glad to hear you are out and riding some, Marty. Let us know when the mountain bike ride ends up being scheduled, and don't forget an occaisional gravel grinder!

Tman said...


Matt still owes a good friend either a bike or a large sum of greenbacks.

Head Honcho said...

Yup. Keep an eye out. There'll be announcements!

Head Honcho said...

I knew I'd get gruff for the MC thoughts. :) Seems hes on his way to filling orders. Slowly, but doing it no less.

Anonymous said...

inbound, your position, ETA this Fri nite...rarin' to go for a Sat a.m. road cruise. 7am from the shop still your plan? I'm probably good for some extra mileage if folks who don't have shops to open want to knock down a few more early season miles. - Carl

Head Honcho said...

There ya go! Saturday 7 am it is. I'll announce today.