Thursday, March 6, 2008

Timing is everything.

The first day has come and gone. And what a crazy day it was. The day dawned, as far as I remember, overcast and cool. At least it was an average temperature for this time of year. And not this near or below zero crap we've been dealing with for far, far too long here in the upper midwest. A few of you may argue otherwise (and you know who you are. Dang skiiers.. ;)..).

I honestly didn't expect to see TOO many folks stop in. I did expect the Art Circle. And they all showed. Thanks ladies! Lisa and my mom attempted to keep count of how many stopped in. By about 11:30, they either lost track, or lost count. My best guess is 50-60 popping in. To all those, THANKS!

first sale
The first official sale. I sold lots of t's Saturday.

Everyone coming in so far has been very thankful. Very excited that I took the step to open up. After hearing this for nearly a week straight, I can honestly say that I've lost all doubts about this succeeding. I think every entrepreneur has those feelings of "will it really fly?" "will people really see the value in what I'm doing here?" I guess timing really is everything. People are tired of paying so much to fill up thier cars. They are certainly seeing the value in bikes. Good on ya!

Thank you all for a fantastic opening. We'll see ya down here, eh?


Guitar Ted said...

Marty: That is a great post! Thanks for sharing that. I wish you much success in the coming months and years. You are no doubt a great asset to the Prarie Du Chein area. I think folks will recognize that even more over the coming years.

Can't wait to stop by and also to poach some of those gems you've been riding over that way soon. I'll likely drag along a companion or two!

Tman said...

darn near got a tear in my eye. Like every shop rat that ever wanted his own store...........congrats man.

blackmountaincycles said...

That's got to feel great. I too wish you good fortune with your shop.

Captain Bob said...

Did she buy a bowl of cereal with blueberries? Sweet! Hey, is that the Redline D440 I want in the background?

Congrats Marty!!!

Tom said...


We talked about trikes your wife's patients could use.

They are the Boomertrike at this site.

Hope this helps.

Tom Pelz

Head Honcho said...

Tom, thanks for the link. I'll pass it along to see if it'll work out! Looks to be a good deal to me.