Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patricks Day parade.

We've only lived in Prairie du Chien for a short time. Less than a year in fact. So as a family, we're experiencing many things for the first time yet. Is kinda funny how time will fool you. It certainly feels like we've been here longer than we have. That being said, the parade culture in this area is crazy. They LOVE their parades here. Seriously.

Case in point was Saturday morning. People had told us (ok, told Lisa) that if the weather was going to be as nice as forcasted, there would be large crowds out. We were like, "that's nice." We were going to use the parade as a kind of presentation of the shop. Letting more people know that we were open, y'know? There's been bikes of some sort or other in the window so long that many may not realize we were open yet. So this was to be a kick off event.

Bike decorating got a tad off track at times...

The shop 'float'

It was a bit chilly in the shade there.

We had no idea what we were in for. As we crossed the bridge off of the island we saw a sea of people lining the street! Had to be 3-4 deep all along the route, for a good 4 -4½ blocks. LOTS more people than either Lisa or I expected. NICE!

More of our float. Sidra rode her Strider the whole route, no complaints. A few weeks ago, she wouldn't/couldn't walk 3 blocks to the Library. Awesome!

Did I show y'all the plants we got opening weekend? Probably not.

They look great! Added life to the store that I didn't know it needed.

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Steve said...

Holy crap, Kasey Chambers, I love her!! I thought I may be the only on in North America in the know about her. If ya like her stuff, give Lori McKenna, Neko Case and Kathleen Edwards a listen.