Thursday, March 20, 2008

Little bit of experimentation here...

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A ride I did on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

nice in-laws off of Gran Grae so I can appreciate the terrain...tho we usually roll up Bouska vs Vineyard since we're coming in from Bridgeport.

if you get bored with Vineyard and Bouska, pretty much any left turn off of Hwy 60 will satisfy your bluffclimb jones. couple of those have some real walls at the ends.

looking forward to stopping in at PdC's newest biz! -Carl

Head Honcho said...

Yep. Bouska is another great option! I love the options there are for route 'round these parts. Be sure to stop down next time you're in - and bring a bike, unless we have snow on the ground(like we're getting tonight...).