Thursday, April 3, 2008

Has it really been almost a week?

Yep. Sure has. And a lot has happened. Mainly I've been getting busy with repairs in the shop. This is a good thing! I like repairs. Keep 'em coming.

Also had a computer blow up at home, rendering my time to update this little blog, um gone. While perusing a few blogs this morning - it appears as if Guitar Ted may have had the same issues. Or maybe he just upgraded. Anyways, we've got a new machine at home that's pretty dang quick. Nice to work with a speedy computer!

I got a few new bikes in the shop this week too. The Jamis Coda and Allegro flat bar roadish bikes are in, as at the Jamis Citizen 1.0[entry level] hybrids. Stop in and see 'em. The Allegro is impressive! Really nice parts for the price.

Pay attention for an announcement about a grand opening this month! Yep, keep your Saturdays free, cause one will have a party on it. Hopefully the weather will hold out!

I'll be taking pictures for Guitar Ted again for TransIowa v4 later this month too. I took shots last year and had a great time. Looking forward to it this year too. TI is a crazy event and those who do it are even crazier. I admire them for sure.

Group rides are going great. Last Saturday was the first of what should be many. Thanks to Carl for coming all the way from Waterloo. Good to meet you, and great to ride with you! The ride schedule will be as follows:
Monday Mountain rides - as weather and trail conditions allow
Wednesday Road - 5 pm at the shop. If you're coming from out of town, send an email and we'll wait to 5:15 or so.
Saturday Road - 7 am at the shop. This one will start earlier as we go into summer so we can ride longer.
Lisa and I are talking about doing a family based fun ride too. Something that kids will be encouraged to come along on. Think short, think fun. Parks, picnics and playing will most likely be involved.

That is all!

Listening to: MPR. Gotta get my news fix in the a.m.!

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Guitar Ted said...

Hey, it was great visiting you and the shop looks fantastic! Really a uniq1ue set up with the coffee shop next door.

Can't wait for T.I.V4 and having you take some shots. I'll be getting you some info real soon!