Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just hit play.

This is what makes me happy. This is why I like riding.

I can't ride like that, but I sure would like to.

carry on.

In the Bottle: New Glarus Organic Revolution. mmmmm, yummy!


Joe said...

That was cool! Love the the transitions between bikes. Way cool!


Grant said...

Great clip! I'm going to be in town Mother's Day weekend. Do you have any rides planned for Saturday?

Anonymous said...

cool stuff.

need to register a complaint, though:

WHERE was my heckler yesterday, hmmm? did Kathleen get heckled as promised? I do remember a face peeking out from inside the shop window as we drove away from the race.

wuss ;-)


Anonymous said...

That's a great video! Hope you don't mind if I borrow it and credit you with finding it.

Head Honcho said...

Grant - yup, road ride at 7 am, in front of the shop.

Carl - I have a BUSINESS to run. Hecklin' ain't part of it. At least you got a face in the window!

wunnspeed - take away! I think I found it on MTbeer. Or was it DirtRag?