Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Has the weather finally broken?

Here's to hoping so!

Last week was miserable. To get over it, I went down to the Quad Cities for my first race of the year at Sylvan Island. The trail was interesting. Its located on an old Military Industrial site that was on an island. So its flat, with the trail wandering amongst construction debris. Strange but fun. I decided to do the sport class instead of singlespeed. I chose to bring the Haro down.

I had a good start and was feeling really good halfway through the race, passing a few and moving up. I figure I was top 15 or so. Not bad for not really racing all that much in the past few years. On the third of 5 laps though, it all went south. The combination of all the odd materials[think bricks sticking out of the ground at every odd angle] and blocky/rooty transitions finally conspired against me. I flatted out! Gah! I hardly ever flat. Such a bummer.

A few shots from the Expert/SS race:

This was the 'climb' on the course. All of 10' or so.

On an equipment choice theme, I ran new to me Continental Mountain King 2.4 tires. Considering that they got a whole ton of rain down there, just like we did, last week, I figured the agressive, widely spaced knobs would treat me well there. Did they ever! I LOVE these tires. They're my new favorite for soft, mixed or wet conditions. They didn't clog at all. They gripped like there was no tomorrow.

I also ran Jones Hbars for the first time in a race. I used them on a few gravel rides 'round these parts, and the were comfortable. But they shined out on the trail. My wrists were in a very comfortable neutral position. I found it easy to slide around on them to find the ideal comfortable position. I owe some money now!

Enough words. On to work! Its gonna be a great week. Wednesday and Saturday are on for riding. Probably Monday for mountain too!

Listening to: Minnesota Public Radio News. Morning fix.


Tman said...

Man o man! I have not set up a bike as XC as those since 1993!!!!!!!!! I feel for you flatlanders, really I do.

kent, amy and taylor said...

thanks for taking great photos of the ss race marty. i stole one of me for my blog. look forward to swinging by the shop when i'm in the area.

Guitar Ted said...

Nice looking venue actually. Kinda fun to have some weirdness like that once and awhile.

Glad to hear the Mt Kings are treating you well. I think mine are staying on for the long run here just to see how they fare on harder trails.

Marty said...

T - whatchoo talkin' 'bout? As XC? that's normal 'round these parts.

Kent - good to meet you, thanks.

GT - well, you know. dirt is good, no matter the form.

Tman said...

Hahahaha! I KNOW, when you flatlanders come this way for the Festival they will see the error of their ways!Braaap!

(for the record and those that don't know me, I have lived in the prairie,had many fun time riding there but still don't dig on the stinkbug posistion ;))