Monday, April 21, 2008

Scouting mission.

Sunday saw Lisa[and yes, Lisa rode! And yes, she REALLY enjoyed being on the bike again!], the girls, Ryan and I head up to Badger Camp for a scouting mission. They've been kind enough to say we can build there - but we can't really build until we see whats there, right? Right. So up we go.

For those not local, Sunday was as perfect a spring day as we can get 'round these parts. Low to moderate humidity, clear skies. It rained in the days before, so things were tacky, if not just a tad wet. All was fine though.

Ryan and I took off first, almost immediately riding off property, past some great rock formations. Too bad we won't be able to incorporate them...So we go back up the way we came, trudging along at a much slower pace, and I spy out of the corner of my eye, a trail darting to the right. After a short, very short consultation, off we went, down, down an trail waaaay too steep to even think about being sustainable. It eventually leveled out to a sweet contour trail. That was no where near long enough. Then it went DOWN again. At the bottom of the ravine, we had no choice but to head back UP. Thankfully, there was a newly cut road we followed that let us ride for a while.

It was kind of hard to ride and watch the passing hill sides for ridable terrain, so we got off and walked. Yeah - that's the ticket. hah! There most definitely IS some choice terrain to look at. The next step is get off the bike and hike the hills. Any locals game? Give me a call! At this point, more eyes are critical.

Up top once again, we headed out on the south lobe of the property. Carissa said the trail won't run to the property line, just keep going. Alrighty then! We did as she instructed, and as we got further and further out, the trail got progressively narrower until we were on an inspiring trail.

A short section was on a ridge top, with fantastic views. It ended up rounding a knoll of a Oak Stand that would support an amazing ride/hike in camp site. If only it didn't overlook Hwy 18...Oh well. It'd still be pretty cool!

Me rockin the Bluedog colors and the new Hbars. Love 'em!

This trail section will most definitely be included in the system once its up and running. Badger Camp is gonna rock.

Like an idiot, I forgot the card for my camera, so I didn't get some shots I wanted, but soon, very soon, I'll have my own shots to throw up. These were all courtesy of Ryan. At least one of us was thinking...

On another note - Friday, May 2. Keep the date open! Make sure you can find your way over to the PdC for our Grand Opening! We'll be having music courtesy of the local highschool talent pool, some food, some root beer(maybe, and I stress maybe a small barrel of barley pop), some sale items (yet to be determined), and garunteed good times. Pop over if'n ya can!

Anyways. Off to ride. Monday night Mountain rides are here!

I hope someone shows up.

Listening to: Atmosphere, God Loves Ugly


Anonymous said...

make the grand opening a 2-day affair and catch some of those runner types when they're all tired and have no resistance after the half on Saturday? it's a thought...

Carl - one of those runner types

Tman said...

Looks promising! You have an inclinometer to help lay out the trail? They really help.

Head Honcho said...

Yep, I've got a lead on some clinometer's. No order has been placed - but will be soon enough!

The Locust said...

hey Cale here - contact me through th eusual channels, i can put you in touch with my friend gunnar, he just bought the Farm NEXT to badger camp as in they share the same driveway, he has more chainsaws, ATV's and tractors than he knows what to do with and he is out working on his new vacation house every single weekend. im sure he would love to give you a hand building some trails right next to his house. ill tell him to bring the niner out this sunday he will be out there all week next week so maybe you guys could hook up for a ride.