Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The training has begun...

This, my 37th year of existence here on Earth is going to be one of, if not the most challenging years I've had. Nothing personal or business mind you. My marriage is as strong as it ever has been, and the shop is doing well enough to keep me happy.

No, this is all about physical tests this year. It started innocently enough. Eric talked me into travelling down to Austin TX in March. Fun! I think, warm weather, pleasant trails. Maybe a beer or three. Then Eric tells me that racing is on the agenda. But I'm not in shape enough to race I protest. Big deal he says. Its not like anyone knows us down there(do you?). So if you're from the Austin area, and will be going to the Storm XC race weekend near Comfort, TX, look for the boys in Singular gear. Stop by and say hey, sweet talk me enough, and we'll probably let you out on a demo ride(we'll be bringing down a few bikes to let folks try out).

So that was the start. An innocent trip to race bikes in Texas. Then this one popped up on my radar. I've heard many great things about it, from course to organizers to general vibe of the event. I got up early to register for it as well. I figured I had enough time to get one 100 miler in this year. The Lumberjack 100 will certainly be a test of my will, if not my endurance. I can't wait! Adam and few guys from Iowa City will also be going over to contest it too.

I was happy there. The plan was to also do a selection of WORS, ICORR, and MNSCS races. Certainly should have been enough to keep the summer full.

Then I caught wind of a nice little event being put on by some friends up in the Chequamegon National Forest. The Chequamegon 100 was simply too iresistable to NOT do. So I signed up for it too. This will actually work out quite well. I'll use it as a shake down for the Lumberjack on nutrition, as well as fitness. Should be fun!

In real shop news, I have two Singular Peregrines in the store I'd like to sell. Both are brand new, but have some cosmetic issues from shipping. Number 1 has about a centimeter square chip on the lower headtube lug, right out front. I'm selling it for $675 instead of the normal $750. The other one has two scratches. One on the chainstay, about an inch long, and the other on the seat stay. I'm selling it for $625. Both are sized Medium. Both are prepped and ready ship. Ask for pictures, I've got some if you want to see the spots.

I also have some fresh new Gryphon's and Peregrines coming into port as I type. With any luck, I'll be able to have them in the store, ready to get prepped by this weekend!

Speaking of this weekend, on Sunday, there's a nice bike swap happening at the Velodrome in Blaine MN. Bike love at its best! I'll be sharing tables with Sean from Rawland. Stop by and check some frames out! I'll certainly have a few up with me to sell. I'll be having a swap special of $500 going. If you're from the Cities, and have been pining after a Singular Swift, Gryphon or Hummingbird, swing by!

Listening to: Sidra, the 5 year old reading a book to me as I type. Its amazing what the Kindegardners are doing now! Oh, and Johnny Cash, FTMFW.


tom said...

I would take a Peregrine if I thought I could fit it. I want that frame bad enough to wear elevator shoes to get me above the 33.7 stand over. Marty, think of some magic and I'll take one today.
I will call the shop today.

Trent said...

Sounds like a busy plan! Tman

BTW, my old Strider link is inactive, you might want to just link to the homepage.