Sunday, February 28, 2010

North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

This weekend is made for bike geeks of the higest order. Many of the nations most talented builders convene to show off their skills, and maybe sell a few to unsuspecting riders. So many bikes, so little cashola.
Here's a few I've found that have really turned my crank. Credit due to Urban Velo.
Possibly my favorite. I'm a sucker for orange.

I also like Cross bikes. Same builder. I can't make out the name though. Attendees?

This is a close second to the above orange one.

I dig fenders.

Peacock Groove; always ready to bling.

Flat brown. Coaster brake. Kick back? Awesome!

I like the use of the vintage XT parts on this one. Plus its orange.

Favorite mtb. The flat green is pure stealth. Love the swinger drop outs and the graceful curve to the seat tube. And its fillet brazed.

Can't say I've EVAR wanted a recumbent, and a big yard. A really big yard. Until now. goddam.

Yeah. So there. I know there'll be more coming out today, and I know that this has little to do with the shop, but these are all so damned pretty that I can't NOT put them up. Good stuff. Bikes rock.

Listening to: Weekend Edition Sunday, MPR, coffee mug in hand, drinking Love Buzz from Equal Exchange. Its a good Sunday morning.


blackmountaincycles said...

Check out the grips on Nate's bike.

frankenbiker said...

The first 2 photos are from Cicli Polito, He is based here in Cleveland Ohio at 1433 East 33rd st.How's that?

MMcG said...

Mad Props to Ted Wojcik for that Lawn Mower!!!

Chris said...

Grips, yes. Headset and hubs too.

greasyknuckles said...

the alliance is a really nice guy named Erik from bozeman mt. he works for Carl Strong currently. really a super down to earth guy from idaho.

it was a super fun show and i agree on the Black Cat, todd's got some really cool details going on.

good seeing you at frostbike marty!