Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday wake up rides.

Since I've got these big rides that I previously told you about coming up this season, I figured its high time for me to get out and actually ride my bike. For some reason, this winter has found me riding less, and committing to more.


So last week, Wayne and I started the season a bit early, and will be doing the Saturday Wake Up Rides from here on in. This morning was a brisk -4 according to Waynes truck. A full ten degrees cooler than my house gauge read. hrm...well we're here, lets ride!

Sure, it was cold, but cold enough that the snow was in awesome condition. It was cold enough that the snow had that squeaky crunch to it. The kind of snow that feels almost like dirt when you ride on it. It was great being able to ride all the way up the hills with out spinning out. Of course, the fresh 4" of snow we got, along with the groomer certainly helped, but it was a nice ride. Short, but nice.

And at 0 degrees, short is fine with me. Miles is miles at this point. There's time later for more.

Have a good weekend, and hey, we might see you at the bike swap at the Blain Sports Center this Sunday!

Listening to: Silence. Except for that annoying tinnitus hum. But silence no less. Its good.

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Poppadaddio said...

Zero! Makes our 50 degrees seem pretty nice, even with the rain