Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gryphon and Peregrine = in stock!

Fresh off the truck, I have 32 new frames to get ready for y'all! If you've been waiting on a Gryphon, or a Peregrine now is the time!

If you're new to this, you may be asking just what are they?

I'm happy to help you out here.

The Gryphon is a drop bar specific 29" wheeled mountain bike. Yes, similar to the drop bar specific Salsa Fargo, but the Gryphon doesn't have all those braze ons for loading up. Think of the Gryphon as a stripped down racer. Its ideal terrain varies between gravel epics, fire road bombing and singletrack slaying. If you're curious about the drop bar phenomena that's been growing recently, check out Guitar Ted's blog. The man knows a thing or two about how to set one of these up.
As an example, this is the bike that I'll be using for the Lumberjack 100 in June. Perfect bike for that terrain me thinks!

Price on the Gryphons is a normal $590. These will be included on the Cabin Fever Sale. Jump on them now for $500! Good deal, eh?

The Peregrine should prove to be quite a versatile bike too. This one differs a bit from the rest of the line thus far. Its a Lugged, cyclocross bike that likes to think that it's a mountain bike that can also tour.

I know. Kind of all over the place there, innit? I can't really begin to post all the varied builds that are possible with this bike, so here's one shot[my favorite of it] and a link to Sam's shots.
Yes, that IS the Arenberg from the Paris Roubaix course. EPIC!

These will also be included in on the sale. Normal price is $725, sale price will be $650.

I now have good stock on both frames in all sizes. Please call with any questions!

listening to: Ugly Cassanova, and moving boxes upon boxes of bikes!


d.l.baker said...

I love that Peregrine! One day you will be mine! Throw a front rack on there for a bag of krullers and a six-pack, and some 35's for the local CX races, sweet! How 'bout bringing a LG over to MI and I'll pick it up at the Lumberjack 100?

d.l.baker said...

I love that Peregrine! An ideal bike for picking up a bag of Krullers and a six-pack from the corner store. In the fall throw some 35's on there and get muddy at your local CX races! How 'bout bringing me one over to MI and I'll pick it up at the Lumberjack 100?

Head Honcho said...

You let me know the size, and maybe we can work somthing out! Give the shop a call next week, and I'll be more than happy to talk your ear off about it!