Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Short Bontrager History lesson.

So there I am, cycling my way to work with the kids en tow. There's not a whole ton of nice bikes floating around PdC yet(I'm working on it! give me time!). So it stands out when I see a nice lugged road bike toddle on by. Of course we wave as we approach, but as we pass, as true cyclists, we look at each others bikes. Mine is simple. Not flashy. Unadorned with stickers.

As the other rider passed, I noticed a familiar "B" dot script.

Hold the horses!

I squeeel to a stop(stupid brakes...gotta work on those...) and I shout out. "Hey! is that really a Bontrager?" He looks at me, puzzled, like anyone around these parts should know that name? Yes he says, it is in fact a Bontrager. A lugged roadie, all kitted out in late 80's Shimano Ultegra parts.

We circle each other eyeing up the rigs. His is of course the interesting one. He says there's an interesting story behind it too. He got this bike as a form of payment from Keith. Turns out Ells, as he's known, knew Keith back in the Day, and used his student loan to purchase Keith's first batch of tubing.

Kind of a nice introduction to the day, finding a bit of mountain bike history in my little river town. I look forward to riding more with Ells and maybe even prodding his brain for some stories.

The Saturday ride will most likely happen, though I suspect it may be shortened. I'll be taking pictures at the Showdown on Friday, and a few beers will inevitably find their way into my hands.

Listening to: Hammers. And cordless drills. And saws. Why? you'll see soon!


Scott said...

Very cool Marty. Though not lugged roadie related have you gotten a chance to watch Klunkerz yet? As someone who has always had an interest in the early age of mountain biking I really got a kick out of hearing all the original guys talking about starting up the sport.

Head Honcho said...

HA! its actually in the computer right now, about to be played for shop (my) viewing pleasure!

Anonymous said...
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Tman said...

That is one of those weird moments when you see something that should not be in your current environment!