Monday, June 9, 2008

Monsoon season?

Guitar Ted suggested it this morning, and after living through it the last few days, I gotta say its true. Decorah was hit hard. I wish I could get there to help, but KDEC is telling folks to just stay away at this point. They have both too much water, and too many volunteers at this point. I really want to head over there though. Normal flood stage is something like 12 feet on the Upper Iowa. Water levels now are at 17+, and all low lying areas are being evacuated.

I've got a good group of friends that live there. Here's to hoping things are going to be ok for them. Hope their homes are up and out of the flood zone.

A few rain totals:
Dorchester IA; 9"
Yellow River State Forest; 2.9"
PdC(home); 1.5"
Lansing IA; 3"
Crescoe IA; 4½"

Due to all the rain, the Monday Mountain ride is off. I may still head out to check the trails at La Riviere, but won't be doing too much riding methinks...

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Ben said...

We're thinking about everyone down there too. Kind of puts things in perspective when you're bummed about a bike event possibly being canceled as opposed to losing your house for the same reason.

We are thankfully north of all the worst weather, but it hurts looking at weather maps to see more red in Iowa.