Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Fun ride Friday!

You may have read or heard that we're going to fully institute the FAMILY portion of our shop tag line recently.

This Friday, June 6, we will have the first of many Family Fun rides. Normally, we'd start from the shop, but with all the construction happening downtown, getting out safely is a concern. For that reason, we'll start at BA Kennedy school on Wacouta. From there we'll head out in a big ol' train to a park. What should you bring? Mom's, Dad's, kids, trailers, bikes, helmets, food, frisbee's and a good attitude! Pace will be slow and steady, and distance will be short. Should be fun!

In other news, I'm really excited for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo coming up here in the next few weeks. I'll be taking over a few bikes for folks to ride, and I'm hoping to ride a few myself. I've got my eye on a couple Salsa's already! For those interested in just what a 29"er is, and rides like, come on over to Decorah and check it out. I'm sure there'll be a 650b or two around there for the even more curiouser out there. Decorah is a great town and well worth the drive to see. And the trails really are pretty dang good.

The shop rides have been going great, despite the weather conditions. Last nights mountain ride was really fun, with a constant drizzle the whole time. Yeah we got wet, but the conditions couldn't have been better. The sandy parts were all ridable, and the dirt was tacky and fine. Thanks for riding Doug!

Watching: Gerke construction rip out my sidewalk. No wonder big equipment guys are paid so well. They're extremely delicate with this big machinery. Impressive to watch.

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Guitar Ted said...

Hmm....must be the season. I see Ben Witt is having the same scenery outside his shop as you are.

Have fun on the Family Ride! Good on ya for puttin' that on!