Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Whew. That storm is over. NEXT!

The BRAVE ride held last Saturday went well. Really well. The [perfect] day had 76 riders show up for our inaugural ride. They came from Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa and of course Wisconsin (mostly Madison area). I only changed one flat all day, and only gave one lost rider a ride back to the start. Speaking of lost riders...there were too many.

Something I didn't anticipate was the number of people that would rely on cue sheets for directions. I was (I thought) pretty meticulous about marking the course on the ground, and that's what folks would use to navigate with. Not so. So along that line of thinking, DON'T use mapmyride for cue sheets! Directions were wrong, and road names were wrong. The maps produced are fine, but only for examples sake.


The views. And a little bit of gravel. Won't be any of that next year.


More views. Something we're not short on 'round here.


The day dawned foggy. The drive to the start was stunning. Fog in the valley's, clear on the ridge tops. It was hard to not stop and fill the card up on the way there!


Yep we have corn. Just not as much as IA.


Near the top of probably the hardest climb on the route. nearly 600' in a bit over a mile or so. And this guy giggled as he rode by. Nice!

And up next we have something I'm really excited about. The Prairie Peddler and Viroqua Cross are getting together and putting on a Cyclocross Race. I've mentioned it before, but things are starting to come together for it! Went out and previewed the course on Monday. I saw that parking will be at a premium, as there was a JV Cross Country event happening as I rolled up on the Kelly.

kelly Cyclocross

I think I may have scared a few people. Not that I want to or anything like that! I milled about, waiting for the course to be clear, then proceeded to ride a few loops. I rode a couple different directions, trying to come up with something that'll be fast, but fun and challenging. I think I've got it. Check the image provided by my handy GPS unit.


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