Friday, September 26, 2008

Mogrel 'cross!

Ben showed me his.

Now here's mine. Not quite as, uh, good looking as his, but a mongrel no less. Its an ooooolllld Trek 420 or something that I had canti studs brazed on to. Peiced together from parts in the garage, and its stayed mostly the same for a long time. XC Pro/Araya wheelset courtesy of my man Dale. Ritchey Logic cranks, 177.5 mm long. Ti railed Salsa seat. Bontrager Satelite bars, upside down. Has lived life happily as a commuter for a number of years, but has has seen the race course in the past.

From The Prairie Peddler
There ya go Ben.

listening to: Uncle Tupelo; 89/93 An Anthology


Ben said...

Oooohhh... Ahhhh....

I like it. Mine didn't see the course this weekend, it was so wet the brakes would have killed me. I also had a S-load of work to do, so it was good really.

Good show! I may need canti studs on mine to be right.

Talk soon.

Guitar Ted said...

You two guys are funny! But I ain't got room to talk since I have independantly of you two guys been working on my Trek 750 series bike that will be almost a dead ringer for yours, Marty. Only thing is mine is from 1977 and it has those centerpull calipers for brakes.

Tman said...

Hey Marty, just checking in. Life changes,got a new job. Still a Strider rep but awefull busy with the day job.

That Mongrel looks cool. Makes my Kona look to clean/stock!