Thursday, September 11, 2008

News and Happenings.

Lots happeing here in the next few weeks!

Next weekend we are having the first organized ride in Crawford County. The BRAVE ride will have four route options(from 20 to 80 miles), a locally sourced post ride meal(yay for local farmers!), and DAY CARE. I've not heard of rides offering daycare before. Clicky the linky to find out more. 

On October 12, I will be hosting an event from Viroqua Cross. It will be a double points race for those competing in that series. One big thing that could draw more riders here, is the there are no other WCA cross races that weekend. I do hope to see some Madtown and Mwke locals making the trek on over to check it out. 

Chequamegon is happening this weekend. Weather is gather up there that looks to be making this years event an epic one. Theres nothing like a good bit of rain to make it hard! Will Mr. creepyfriendly repeat? Or will Jonathon Page represent the cross bikes? I'm not there this year, but the mid-packers better look out next year. I found a way in!

On a personal, business related note, the SBA awarded me with a Small Business Sucess award for this past quarter! I'm honored to accept it, but I can't take all the credit. Everyone who reads this blog has helped. Everyone who has come into the store has helped, whether you bought something or not. And everyone who has helped behind the scenes (Lisa, Ryan, Seth, Kathleen/Dale, Nicole) deserves it more than I do.  Awesome!

Lastly, I have to give props to a local rider. Don is a triathelete. Normally, I kind of make light hearted fun of them. Mainly for thier complete geekery. Behind that kind ribbing though, is a hearty respect for what they do with thier bodies. Impressive stuff. Anyways, last weekend Don went to Madison to participate in the IronMan WI, an event notorious for volatile weather. Two years ago or so it was maybe 50 degrees. And wet. The year before it was 95. This year it was about as perfect as you can get. locals know this. Low to mid 70's and little wind. Don took high advantage of this and proceeded to kick some ass. Top 300 finish over all, at a time of 11:55! Not bad. For a 30 something year old. But Don is 56. Needless to say, Don was feeling GOOD. A hearty congratulations to him!

Listening to: The Current from MPR. And MORE construction. I can't wait till the street is done!


blackmountaincycles said...

Congratulations, Marty! Good on you.

Guitar Ted said...

Yeah, ditto what Mike said. Hope to see you this fall.