Friday, February 29, 2008

Ahhh. The DAY is Nigh!

I owe some of you some pictures. I've been um, a bit too busy to play with a post of late. I'm sure y'all understand. Anyways.

Lots of midnight nights preceded by 14 hours in the shop has led to this day. To tomorrow. To doing something I've been wanting to do for years. Time and opportunity have finally presented themselves. I'm gonna take this, and I'm gonna run with it, and dammit, I'm going to enjoy it. While I've been building the shop, I've maintained an open door policy, welcoming any snoopers inside, and showing them around. Telling them what I've got going, and what riding opportunities we have here. People are at one both excited to have me open, and surprised to hear of the variety of riding opportunities that I/we have here in the Prairie du Chien area. I can't wait to start building the community.

Along the way, many people have helped out. My parents, and specifically my dad, have put a TON into this, helping me bring it to fruition.

Ryan and Seth for helping build bikes and drink beer.
Count the bottles.
Jamie and Sherri at Citizen's Bank for believing in the concept. The Art Circle for the creative support. The Courier Press for article in the paper. All the friends (and strangers too) for reading this here blog and leaving comments and ideas. And most of all, my family. My wife and kids for their enthusiastic and energizing support. Enough can't be said about Lisa. Thanks.

All right, this is too 'oscars' like.

Enough of that. Onto the pics.

First off, for Capt. Bob; the mess.

Its not all hard work at the shop. There's always time for a game of foot-hockey.

Start 'em early. She'll be building wheels before you know it!

Did someone say beer?

And now, the cleanest this place is likely to be for a long time. The Prairie Peddler as she'll open tomorrow morning, at 9 am.

I'm very happy to say that I've made all the fixtures in the store - except for the bike racks that is. It was fun to do that.

So that's it. It's time to slow down on the creatin', and ramp up on the sellin' See ya in there, eh?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on tomorrow being the big day Marty! I look forward to getting back to the tri-state area to see the new shop. I hope you get a great start this Spring. Make sure you stock plenty of 29ers.


blackmountaincycles said...

Congratulations Marty! Big day for sure. I dig the clothing display/racks. Might have to borrow that for myself. You could add little shelve/hooks on the ends to display things like socks and caps.

Chris Newlin said...

Hey Marty, looks great! Good luck with the Grand Opening!

Captain Bob said...

Pictures!!! Sweet!!! Thanks Marty. I am soo excited for you. Can't wait to get to the shop and check out thos jerseys. Who makes them? They look great. Man, you sell Redline? I want to check out one of those D440's. I think I might be able to afford adding one of those to my stable.

Good luck!! Looks like a great shop.

Guitar Ted said...

Well, for whatever reason access to your blog was blocked to me for a bit. What a great looking store! I am really happy for you Marty and I wish you much success.

Second the comments on the clothing racks and whats hanging on there. Those jerseys do look cool.

Looking forward to getting over there someday soon.

Tman said...

Congrats Marty! Love the shot of the lil one unpacking a Strider!

Head Honcho said...

Thanks for the well wishes folks.

Mike - I may do the end cap thing on them, but they're so pretty that I don't want to cover up the grain. We're looking at nice heartwood there.

Cpt Bob - Jersey's are Hoss. Nice stuff. And cheap. The D440 is my favorite bike in the store right now.

tman - she's been rippin' it up on a strider since we got one in. She LOVES it. She does a real good job of selling the concept too.

TOMMY GUN said...

hell, yeah! Godluck and Goodspeed, as Weedeater would say. Can't wait to make it down there for some good ol' fashioned riding and beer drinkin'.


Ben said...

Congrats Marty! Looks great, I'll have to make it down for some spring ridin, and beer drinkin. Good luck and best wishes.