Thursday, February 21, 2008

the mess. THE MESS!

I mean really. Who knew that building up a shop would be so damned messy? From cutting all that wood for racks and benches and forts and stuff - to an obscene amount of cardboard and packing materials from the bikes and the Rudy Racks. I'm over flowing here man. And this doesn't even include my rather - um large ( like 22 tracking numbers large) QBP order that should be coming in today. Or the small batch of Redlines that should be coming tomorrow.

Really this could be filed under things I DON'T like. For such a clean industry - we sure do create a large mess. I know most, if not all of these materials can be recycled, but do we really, no really have use this much packing material in the first place? Yeah, we need to protect our precious goods from the shipping monkeys, I know that. Where am I going with this? Oh, I don't know. Just a bit of a rant is all.

Anyways. Anyone catch the Lunar eclipse last night? Pretty awesome. We had cold clear sky's here that made viewing a pleasure. Pretty neat stuff!

As I move on closer to my opening date, March 1 (!), I'm going to have to figure out where this blog is headed. I will have a proper website for the shop sometime, and I would like to keep this somewhat active. I need to keep my gracious readers up on whats goin' down on the West Coast of WI afterall! Riding, of course! Sales? Probably announcements of such - we'll see if locals start reading. Rumors? I'm full of them right now. Good stuff down the pipe in 29er land! Same with 650b too! Opinions. Yup, we'll have some of that too. I'm due for another 'Things I like' episode. I'll work on that for ya.

Welp - speaking of opening a shop - I better git ta work. I'll post some pics of the mess as it gets even worse! It really is BAD!

Listening to: Computer hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Furnace working overtime. Go away cold! I mean really. Its -5° again this morn.


Anonymous said...

Here in Germany, the norm seems to be that the shops are responsible for returning the boxes to the manufacturer for some sort of "return deposit" ala pop bottles.

You could found a similar program. Granted, it does make giving boxes to customers difficult.

Tman said...

Screw tha carboard, those were 2nd rate trees anyway! Keep yer chin up. I will be back up that way in June.

Captain Bob said...

I am going to need some pictures man......

Guitar Ted said...

Marty: I think about that packing situation often. Some companies have a really neat and efficient system, (Cannondale, high end Trek) and some are down right deplorable(Raleigh/Diamondback). I wish there was some focus on this issue too. Seems like it could be done and done a whole lot better.

Anyway, yeah, get ta work and good luck! The season is about to spring into high gear!

~gomez~ said...

Happy Grand Opening Marty!