Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family > Bikes > Culture > Art

That's the new tag line that Lisa and I came up with. I really like it. Seems to confer what we're/I'm trying to do here. This lets people know, in a kind of obtuse way, that we'll also be dealing in art. We'll be hitting up local artist friends and selling stuff via consignment. This is Lisa's baby, and she's really, really excited for it. I like that it gives the shop another angle to draw folks in with. Should go good with the coffee shop next door.

I wish I had more to put here today - but not really. If you visit regularly, you'll notice that some small changes have occurred to the layout here. My actual logo in the header(at least the font), and a bunch of new stuff on the banner to the right. Changed my About me to something more shop focused. Added a bunch of bike Jamis bike reviews I found on the web. Added a slide show from the building of the shop. And a local riding link. That part is a bit sparse for now - but it'll change! I've been making a habit of taking the GPS out on rides, so I have a few ready to post up. I'll just need to find a way to put them up in the interweb so they're viewable.

As far as the shop goes, things are clicking along. Really, I shouldn't be doing this right now - but I kinda want a break from filling out forms and faxing. uhg.

I've been approved for QBP, so look for my wife and I to be attending Frostbike next weekend. Shit. That's next weekend already. SBS is on the table too. Why SBS? Weird for a midwest shop to go with them, innit? Well, there's a reason. Redline bikes! Yep, we'll be carrying the Redline banner here too. I've picked them mostly for the BMX line up. But it so happens they make pretty kick but deals for mountain bikes too! BTI should be happening soon too.

Sorry for no pics this time - but things are messy! Gimme a chance to clean up a bit, then more images will pop up!

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blackmountaincycles said...

Check these out for the family side. I haven't seen one in person, but they look dang fun for the kiddoes.

Head Honcho said...

sweet. My daughters got one with wood wheels. She's been ripping on it around the shop for a while. Thanks for the tip Mike!

Guitar Ted said...

Very cool, Marty. Art might be just the ticket for your winter down time too. Very nice idea.

Redline, huh? Not weird at all. Cyclo-crossers make pretty dang nice gravel grinders, ya know? And of course, 29"ers too!