Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bikes are on the way!

The season is soon to kick in. Even though its only 9° today, it really is right around the corner! Anyone who's native to, or has lived in the midwest knows this. This time of year things change pretty fast. As Guitar Ted has so wisely pointed out though, winter does seem to be endless. Especially this year. Seems like the temps been in the single to below zero temps more often than not. Then there's the fact that he just got hit with ANOTHER spat of weather to extend his "vortex of suck".

So where am I going with this? Well, with warmer weather comes people wanting to actually ride their bikes! And a happy by product of people wanting to ride - is people wanting to BUY bikes.

I am very happy to announce that I am an official JAMIS dealer. Why Jamis you ask? Jamis though has been a charm to deal with so far. They are truly excited to start up another dealer in the midwest, a territory that they could grow in.

Jamis' line up is, I think, pretty damned impressive. I like the way the bikes LOOK. They're all clean graphically, with subtle graphics and colors. They don't shout at you (ala Specailized/Cannondale). The price points are all well covered with exceptional deals. Take the Zenith Comp:

Full carbon, 18½ pounds, $1800 retail. Love it! And I'm not a carbon kinda guy.

On the mountain side, there's the Exile SS:

Nice frame, good parts, and comes ready to run as a geary if you want to make the swap.

The bike I'm most impressed with though, is something I think everyone should have in their garage. Yeah, its probably the 'cool' bike to have now, but commuter bikes just make too much sense. In these days of $50 fill ups at the gas station, this will pay itself off rather quickly. I'll be pushing them, thats for sure!

The Commuter 3 has an internal 8 speed hub for no fuss gearing and shifting. Single ring simplicity and looks. Fenders, swept back, comfy bars and a nice seat(not my personal fav - but that's me!)

Anyways - sorry to make this sound like an ad - but I'm stoked to have a line of bikes coming in that I'm excited to sell. I hope to have another line soon too. I'll update as soon as I find out!

Listening to: Finally! I have speakers for the 'puter! The Current outta the MPLS yo. Been good listening today!


Guitar Ted said...

Cool! We got a Jamis catalog at work, (packaged with a recent issue of BRAIN) and man! That line is HUGE! How did you pick through that?

Anyway, I'm with you on the bikes. Nice, well spec'ed, and covers all the bases.

Hit up your Jamis rep on coming to the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. It would really help you and obviously Jamis. I think a lot of folks would be stoked to try some out.

Anyway, congrats! You certainly will be busy now!

and thanks for the mention! :>)

blackmountaincycles said...

I like that line too. And i like that they are doing a simple bike like that. Good choice.

Head Honcho said...

with compliments like this coming from you two, it only confirms that I made the right choice in line. Got the other one on the door step too!

Rob said...

That comuter is pretty sweet looking. Almost has that spaceage Jetson's look to it. The fork is what does it for me. Pretty cool.

Captain Bob said...

that was me Marty, Rob

I have two blogger id's now. hmmm. learn something new everyday.