Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy busy busy

On Tuesday last, the 15th of January, Lisa and I went to the bank and signed off on the Line of Credit that I was so graciously approved for. Since then I've been busy as a beaver at the shop. Cutting wood left and right, making as much as I can. The work bench is done - well mostly done. Still have to get some plywood for the shelves, mount the counter top and fasten it to the stub wall there - but you get the idea! Its big. Working height of 41½"(I am 6'5" afterall), length of just under 10'. Should provide plenty of space to get messy! I do have to give HUGE props to Deke at Oneota River Cycles over in Decorah, IA. He graciously donated the counter tops that will be used for the workbench top, and the checkout counter. He certainly didn't have to do that for a 'competitor', but that's just the kind of stand-up guy he is. Thanks man! And if you're reading this Rich - heal well!

The other thing bogging this whole operation down is signing up for distributor accounts. With a tempremental fax machine that I haven't figured out yet. That's on the chore list for today - get those things outta here! - so off I am. Busy as a beaver!

Listening to: CMT tv - the coffee shop next door has a HUGE tv placed 'just right' . Gotta get some speakers for the 'puter!


Guitar Ted said...

Great looking joint so far there Marty! Deke is a stand up guy, no doubt about it.

Hope that fax machine gets straightened out!

Lookin' forward to seeing more and actually getting over there sometime soon.

See ya at Frostbike?

Head Honcho said...

Thanks Mark - made good progress today - updates soon!

Frostbike is most likely a go. Lisa is possibly more stoked about going than I am!

Guitar Ted said...

Oh good.....I was hoping to see you there. Might be something in the "big" wheeled variety of bikes for us to toodle 'round there on again. :>)

blackmountaincycles said...

I love the interior! The wood, brick... Took me a while to get my fax, phone, cc terminal to all work with my one phone line. Lots of trial and error, but works great now!


Looks like a nice shop. Good luck with the fax machine and signing up for the distributor accounts.

Would love to do same here in Munich but the law is against me as an "auslander". Bummer!

Keep up the good work.

Head Honcho said...

Shit - ya know what the fax machine was? Plugged into the wrong socket! Its always the dumbest things, eh?