Monday, July 14, 2008

What? Where'd I go?

Yep. We're still here. Still around. And still busy. I haven't forgotten my dear readers here. Just taking a small break during this busy time. Kinda hard to keep going on all cylinders all the time.

I've been super busy with repairs(a good thing). Selling a few bikes(a Good thing). And riding quite a bit(a very good thing). The weather has really been blessing us lately. Guess we're getting our due from this spring, eh?

I'll pick up here with regular posts again soon! I have a few 'Things I like' posts coming up, and I want to start featuring a few bikes from the floor. This IS a shop blog after all, and I AM trying to sell bikes.

Listening to: Bon Iver; For Emma, For Ever


Guitar Ted said...

So business is good then, aye? Good thing!

Glad to hear you are getting the riding in as well. I'll be planning a visit real soon.

Tman said...

Sounds good!