Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it the summer doldrums?

Ok okokokok. Enough whining. On with it.

Been getting lots of good riding in lately. So much so, that I actually feel satiated! Been a while since I've felt that way about riding. 50 mile road rides. 30 mile road rides. Hours upon hours spent in the woods, playing and scheming. Its all felt damned good, and I feel pretty strong right now. Cool! Could I have done this? Probably. Would have been fun to try.

Last Monday with Sean and Will. Both these guys are off to college this fall. Sean to Whitewater, Will to St. Paul. Who's going to replace them?

Yep, it really is that steep.

Yours truly.



Listening to: Station: Ryan Adams. Pretty cool site.


Tman said...

Where are those pics? Krugger? holzinger? Looks like a place I have been!

Head Honcho said...

Nope, those are my 'backyard' trails Tman! Lots of rocky, rooty goodness here.

Guitar Ted said...

Marty, you are going to have to join in on the gravel shenanigans sometime. We did have a blast, but my legs are still sore!