Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3 trail building session.

Over here in Pdc land, we've got a new trail building toy. One of the local riders/builders runs a small CSA farm, and he likes euro stuff. This combination gets him some really cool euro toys to play with. the tractor is a two wheeled BCS with a diesel conversion. The attachment is an Italian flail mower. The result is a much more capable DR trimmer. You'd be surprised what this thing will go over. And through.

BCS tractor

BCS tractor

The result is a perfect width trail. about 36" or so wide. All thats left to do is rake and ride in most cases. Yes, trimming the edges needs to be done to get ride of prikker stuff.
BCS trail

Yesterday, in about 4.5 hours we mowed in roughly 2.5 miles of trail.

I'll be going out later today to finish up trimming the corridor, and get a few passes in.

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Ben said...

Awesome! What a tool! A guy can really get a bunch done in such a small amount of time. Things like that are so much fun, they just open up so many options.

Side note. I found a comment a long time ago after you'd ridden the first 36er, something to the effect of how you didn't know if you'd want to ride Leb on it. I got almost 40 miles on it yesterday there, it rocked, plain and simple. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

i use one of they type of machines for cutting rough on the golf course i work at,they do rip through thick undergrowth,you get diffrent types of teeth for them(called boots) we cut gorsh bushes up to an inch thick with it,also got metal dual wheels for bankings,get rotavator heads too,great tool and good fun!