Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project: Mary A

I've had this Mary since way long time back. I've ridden it, abused it, and generally treated it like any bike should be treated. Not these last couple years though. Its been languishing on a hook in the garage, awaiting parts.

A sale popped up that I thought could give new life to Mary. A complete Alfine wheel was offered at a great price, so I bit. All the necessary bits were purchased, including a few to increase its usefulness in its intended goal. Trail building macheen.

But first, its gotta be tested, right? And that I did this am. We got about a .5" of rain last night. Enough to make everything slippery and fun. And oddly ridable, but considering the sand we have here, its ok. fwiw, the Kenda Karma's [I]suck[/I] in the mud, but we all knew that already, right?


posed shot.

ALfine motion

Initial set up was a bit tricky because there were no instructions, and no additional parts included with the wheel purchase. A bit of fumbling around got me the parts I needed, and asking a pointed question on MTBR got me shifting right.

The first ride was good. Everything worked and shifted like it should. Once things dry out a bit more, I'll take it out again for a longer ride up at Yellow River. Should be fun!

Listening to: Plans and conspiring and goals.


blackmountaincycles said...

She's still looking good! I breathing new life into a neglected life.

blackmountaincycles said...

I mean, I like breathing new life into a neglected bike.

frankenbiker said...

Let us know how that Alfine hub holds up off road, I have broken a couple Nexus 8's on the trail.Thanks!

brado1 said...

Good Stuff Marty!