Friday, April 24, 2009

Singular Pricing and new toys in the shop!

Yeah! Here's the long awaited post, letting y'all know what the Singulars are going to cost. Those who've been so generous as to put a deposit down already have an idea, but this is definitive!

First a brief rundown of the models:
The Swift is the mountain bike of the bunch. 29" wheels, Eccentric BB for SS duty, Cables stops and hanger for geared duty. A nice versatile bike. And good looking to boot!
Singular Swift

The Gryphon is much the same as the Swift above, but is designed specifically for drop bar off roading. The Gryphon is also designed to be run rigid, as can be seen with the short fork.
Gryphon front angle

The Hummingbird is an interesting one. Nominally a 26" mate to the 29" Swift, but it can be run with a 26" wheels and a suspension fork, or as a 69er with the supplied rigid fork and a 29" front wheel. This MAY be able to accept 650b wheels too. We'll have to wait to see if they truely fit though. No promises there.
Singular Hummingbird proto #1

These three bikes come as a frame, fork, and Phil Wood eccentric module. The head tube is faced/chased before leaving the door, and the frame is JPWiegle'd.

Price? $465

The Peregrine is the true chameleon of the bunch though. Lugged frame, clearance for BIG tires, rack mounts, eccentric bb, Disc brakes, cable stops and hangers, fender room, drop bars, Nitto North's, flat name it. The best lable is probably going to be a monster cross. This is the one you want to take with you all the way.
Production Peregrine #1

Arenberg Peregrine

Price? $635

Nice prices for nice bikes. Of course taxes and shipping apply where applicable and all that jazz. Check out Sam's flickr page for more shots of each of these bikes.

I've got a few wheels that can be sold with these bikes too. Just rolled in yesterday from the man in blue, Easton came through with 6 sets of the XC-1 29" wheels. Single speed specific, but enough room on the cassette carrier for at least 4 cogs if you float that way. Taking a set out here and playing with them gives a very nice first impression! Super smooth bearings. Seriously light. Perfectly round/true. I could give you the schpeal from Easton direct, but that's no fun. Since I just got 'em, I don't have any ride time on a set, but Cap't Bob over at 29inches has been riding a set, and seems impressed. Check it out!

Easton XC-1

Easton XC-1

Price? With a Singular: $490. Just want a set? $550.


Ben said...

Great pics of the bikes. I'm really excited for you to get them in. Those wheels look really nice as well. Mark was saying how they've really liked the set that's being tested. Really smooth bearings, predictable and smooth. All good stuff.

frankenbiker said...

Love the Perigrine,I would set it up adventuer touring ala Salsa Fargo.

Guitar Ted said...

Those are super sweet rigs. All of them. I will be curious to see if the 650B fits the Hummingbird.

And yes....I really do like the Eastons.