Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm silly. Silly for big miles. Tomorrow.

Last fall, after feeling good and strong, and doing well in the cross races I did[top 10, B's/cat 3/4] an anouncement came along the interwebs about this race up Minnesota way in April. It looked intriguing enough. I've been getting into the endurance thing on the MTB side of the bike, and doing ok[a couple top 5 placings in 6 hour solo efforts]. Sure, none of them totaled the milage that this little shindig will. The Ragnarok 105. Its still mountain bikey enough for my tastes, but will be held almost exclusivly on gravel. Yep. 105 miles of gravel tomorrow. Am I ready?

uh, in a word, I don't think so.

See, I had grand plans of riding all winter long on the Pugsley. While I DID ride it, it was generally so butt chillingly cold, than I chickened out and surfed the interwebs instead. Or ate potato chips and dip. Or drank healthy dark beers. This is all evidneced in my gut. Guess you could say I've got some on board energy suppliments.

So anyways. I got this thing tomorrow. I might survive. I might not. You can be sure there'll be pictures forthcoming.

Other than that, I've been super busy at the shop here. Spring has certainly sprung, and people want to get out and ride their bikes.

Trail building is going well. We have almost 3.5 to miles flagged out, and about half that cut/roughed in. We'll start hitting it hard in the next few weeks here, in the hopes that we'll have something ridable soon. I promise I'll update this here blog on a more regular basis too!


Ben said...

Hehehehehe..... I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you. You'll have a blast I'm sure. Good luck my son.

Also, on an unrelated note. Decorah Dirt Burger. I'm excited. Wanna stay through Monday?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know the feeling. I'm not in shape this spring, I'm a shape of sorts(ROUND)!