Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I like: the Cane Creek 100 Headset

Remember this? The first installment was on the Andrews King Cage, way back on like my third post here. I meant to keep it up more frequently than that. I think it'll just end up being one of those infrequent things that comes up when I find something that really impresses me.

Like these headsets! For a long time, if you wanted a quality headset, you had Chris King(no relation to the above cages!), then maybe highend Shimano or Campy. That was it. Nada. Sure there were upstarts back in the CNC era, but none of them really stood a chance against the King juggernaut.

Until the threadless era came about. Dia Compe(now Cane Creek) came up with a simple collar to aid in bearing compression. Everyone who makes threadless headsets licenses this split ring. Everyone save for King. And this is where King fails in my mind. Sure, nice headsets, they come in pretty colors, and they charge an aweful lot for them.
From new bikes

That green thing? Yep, thats the ring. Now integrated into my pick for the best headset on the market.

Why do I think its so good? Good enough to best the king of them all, King? King once had the market on sealed bearings. They were the first to really perfect the sealed bearing in this application. It took a long time to match thier quality. Welp, good for us consumers, sealed bearing technology has caught up. The bearings in the 100 are quite nice, moving effortlessly even under finger pressure.

From new bikes

From new bikes

The way the parts are machined are very high quality. Everything fits together just so well. Like any high quality part should. The spacers have nice collars machined into them, kind of like a nesting set. The taller one is even relieved on its interior. Nice touch.

I think my favorite part though is the fact that there's not a logo to be seen. Its a very subtle headset that doesn't scream how much you spent! Speaking of spending, that's probably the best part of this whole deal. For something with easily the quality of King(not to mention a better warranty), it retails for well under a $100! Heh, I could even have to your door for under $100.

Yep. I like this headset. A lot.

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Derrick said...

I agree with you, the one that I purchased from you for my CX bike is great, nice and smooth and looks great.

Ben said...

Yup, it's a good 'un!

Bruce said...

The CK in the HT of my 2+ decades old Weigle is still smoove. Like buttah.

I'd get King again, no doubts.

Head Honcho said...

Bruce - there's no doubt the King has a long life span. I've got one that's gotta be 10+ years old. Just saying that its really hard to be the deal on the CC100. Really hard.